What To Watch For

Let the Countdown Begin!

March of 2019 is shaping up to be a pretty exciting month for music fans . . . especially if you, like me, are partial to singer-songwriter and Americana type stuff.

Steve Earle & The Dukes’ new album “Guy” has been getting attention for a while now but as the March 29 release date draws nearer it is getting harder to stay patient. Jeffrey Greenblatt gave the album a nice write up on Jambase last week: including a statement from Steve, a track list, and a YouTube teaser of “Dublin Blues”. Find it here . . .

But wait! There’s more . . .

If you’re having trouble waiting for March, 29 then you definitely need to circle March 7th on your calendar.

According to Caine O’Rear at American Songwriter . . . that is the date that “Sky Blue” will be available. This will be a treat for fans of Townes Van Zandt, as it will feature work-in-progress versions of some of his greatest tunes. But it will also give as a chance to hear “All I Need” a previously unreleased track that already has people talking. For O’Rear’s article and a link to the pre-release YouTube video of “All I Need” click here . . .




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