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Teresa, We Can’t See This Through Without You!

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I’m sure you’ve heard about it on the news. Last weekend the police raided a local home and rescued 37 dogs from a dogfighting operation. It was the largest operation ever seen in this part of the country!

Thanks to generous donations from friends like you, Peninsula Animal Rescue was able to answer the call when it came.

 – Without you . . . Our crisis response team wouldn’t have had what they needed             to assist law enforcement at the scene!

Without you . . . We wouldn’t have been able to get the victims the
   immediate veterinary care they needed!

Without you . . . We wouldn’t have clean comfortable spaces, enough healthy                food, or the toys and treats to bring a little joy and comfort into their lives!

It’s because of the donors and volunteers who support the mission of Peninsula Animal Rescue that life is getting a little better every day for these poor pooches.

But getting them out of immediate danger was just the first step on a long road . . .

Now the focus has to shift to two equally important goals!

– We need to give each of these dogs the care and support they need
   to make the most of their second chance!

– We need to make sure that their abusers pay for their crimes!

The staff and volunteers here at Peninsula Animal Rescue are ready to see this thing through until all the work is done . . . but we’re relying on heroes like you to make that happen.

           [ DONATE NOW]

By donating to the emergency fund you’ll be guaranteeing that Peninsula Animal Rescue can work with prosecutors as they work to make sure this criminal abuse ends in justice!

By donating to the emergency fund you’ll be guaranteeing that Peninsula Animal Rescue has the necessary resources to work with our volunteers, local vets, and foster families until each of the victims is happily hounding around their fur-ever home!

Did you know:

– Your donation of $25 will feed a dog for over a month?
– Your donation of $35 will cover a follow-up visit to the vet?
– Your donation of $50 will fund toys and treats for the whole crew?
– Your donation of $100 will provide a month’s food to four foster families?

We’re like you . . . we think every dog deserves a happy, comfortable life with humans to love and be loved by.

Make sure they have everything they need to make the most of their second chance!

                                                                   [DONATE NOW]


Thanks in advance!

Molly Nester
Executive Director
Peninsula Animal Rescue

P.S. If you’re able to support our newest guests in other ways we would welcome the help! If you bring clean blankets, towels, or food donations to the shelter, one of our volunteers will be happy to introduce you to the crew!

P.P.S. This is possibly the most important work that we have ever done here at Peninsula Animal Rescue. We all want you to know how much we appreciate the opportunity that you’ve given us to answer the call.

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