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Is Your Brand of Dog Treats on This List?


Did you know that at least six brands of pet food or treats have been recalled in the past two months for high or potentially high levels of vitamin D? These are all brand names that you would recognize. They may even be brands that you have in your home!

Click Here to Get an Instant Download of the Most Recent FDA Recall List

But knowing which brands have been recalled is only half the battle . . . what if you’ve already given your dog a treat that is on the list? Or, what if the treat you just gave your dog isn’t on the list yet!

Do you know the signs and symptoms of Vitamin D poisoning in dogs?

Who has time to check the FDA website every day? To research every cause for a recall?

Let us help you out.

When you click on the link to get your free, instant download of the most recent FDA recall list, you’ll get the opportunity to sign-up for our free newsletter.

We send out urgent notices every time there is a change to the recall list. We do the research for you so that you will know what to look for even if your brand isn’t on the list. And, every two weeks you’ll get the latest on our Furry Friends community, our charity partners and other areas of interest to concerned pet owners.

If you’re like my husband Jacob and me, you consider your furry friends to be family members and the thought that you might feed them something that makes them sick is enough to keep you awake at night.

We want to make it easier for you to stay on top of the latest news so that you can sleep soundly.

Take Me to My Free Download: FDA Recall List

We look forward to seeing you. We’re always happy to have new folks join our community. We truly believe that by working together we can make it more convenient and more affordable to make choices that protect our loved ones today and make things better for everyone in the future.


Laurie Wilson
Furry Friends Natural Products, Inc.

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