Thank you for taking the time to visit RaffWrites.com. I started this site as a way to communicate with the clients and collaborators who utilize my freelance writing service. I’m looking forward to growing this site and expanding my network as I establish myself and develop new partnerships, service offerings and skillsets.



I started Raffwrites.com with the simple goal of helping out wherever, whenever and however I can. I want to use my skills as a researcher, writer, editor and proofreader to help individuals and companies get things done. I want to build partnerships and lasting relationships with the individuals and businesses that use my service.

I use questions and research to help determine what needs to be said and how best to say it. I craft messages that accomplish specific goals while simultaneously contributing to a broader narrative about who my client is and what they hope to accomplish. I edit with one eye on perfect punctuation, grammar and formatting while keeping the other on the bigger picture and long-term goals.

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