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Does Your Dog Treat Do Enough?
Mass Produced Dog Treats May Actually Do More Harm Than Good:
But Even “All-Natural” and “Organic” Treats Are Missing Out On Opportunities To Make A Difference!

Mass Produced Dog Treats Aren’t Giving You – Or Your Dog – What You Need!

The #1 Reason to Say ‘No Thanks!’ to Mass Produced Dog Treats: Sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you! This is definitely the case with the products that we buy – especially the ones we choose to feed ourselves and our loved ones. This includes your furry friends.

What you need more than anything, is information . . . We all try to make the right choices when we are shopping for the food that we feed our families. Sadly, when it comes to pet food and treats, the Ingredient List and Nutrition Information Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story.

They simply don’t do enough to let you know what goes into the treats that go into your dog. It’s vital to know where those ingredients are sourced. Just in the last year or so, ingredients sourced from China have led to pet food recalls after dogs got seriously ill. At the same time, corn sourced right here in the USA contributed to a wave of skin allergies when storage practices allowed it to become infested with mites.

You never know what you’re getting when you buy your furry friends cheap, mass-produced dog treats. Even if the ingredients seem okay – where they’re sourced and how they’re handled can introduce unnecessary risks to your dog’s health.

But “All-Natural” and “Organic” Dog Treats Are Okay, Right?

Even when the label says “All-Natural” or “Organic” that doesn’t mean that you’re getting everything you paid for . . . or avoiding everything you need to: When we choose dog treats that are advertised as being “all-natural” or “organic”, we feel good because we assume that means we made a healthy choice. Unfortunately, the marketing and advertising folks who work for big corporations know that’s how it works. They do whatever they have to – and nothing more – to get those labels on their products.

When a dog treat is labeled “all-natural” or “organic” it can still contain protein sources that passed through industrial feedlots and slaughterhouses. It can still contain plant-based ingredients that were shipped from who-knows-where or stored carelessly in mass quantities. These cost saving practices are points in the process where bad things can happen.

A dog treat with a farm-to-table philosophy gives you what you think you’re getting when you choose “all-natural” or “organic” dog treats. Here’s how . . .

1. When it comes to your dog’s health . . . the details matter: All dog treats combine proteins, starches, fiber, and nutrients. Mass-produced dog treats use the cheapest ingredients. They use chemicals to process and preserve them. They do the bare minimum allowed by law and offer it to you and your furry friend.

Even “all-natural” and “organic” labels don’t guarantee that you’re getting what you pay for. Factory farms do what they need to do to get certified as “all-natural” or “organic” but they’re still going to do everything they can to cut costs and cut corners . . . even when it comes at the expense of you and your pet.

A farm-to-table philosophy looks at the whole process – from how ingredients are grown, to how they are handled and transported, to the processing, packaging, and shipping. It’s a philosophy that delivers what you expect . . . and what you deserve!

2. You can’t put a price on Peace of Mind: You love your dog and your dog loves treats . . . so giving your furry friend a reward makes them and you feel good. The treats you choose should never turn these happy moments into sad or angry memories.

When you choose mass-produced dog treats, you’re rolling the dice. You simply don’t have enough information about what is in them to feel confident that your treats aren’t doing your dog more harm than good. When you choose pricier, high-end dog treats with “all-natural” or “organic” on the label, you think that you’re getting the best of what’s around.

Only a farm-to-table philosophy puts the same care into making your dog’s treats that you would if you made them at home. It makes sure that every step in the process meets the same high standard so that you can relax and enjoy the time you spend with your furry friend. You’ll know that your treats aren’t just making your dog happy . . . they’re making them healthier too!

3. We’re judged by the company we keep: Maybe you never thought about it this way before, but when you purchase a product, you’re giving that product and the company that makes it your endorsement. You’re saying that you’re okay with what they offer you, how they treat you, and how they treat everyone and everything else in the world.

When you do think about it that way . . . do you want to keep giving your money to big corporations that cut corners to maximize profits even when it comes at your expense? Do you want to support companies that hide the facts behind labels and slogans?

Choosing a farm-to-table philosophy means that you are choosing to support businesses that do it right . . . for the right reasons. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on products that come from businesses that care about you, your family, and your furry friends? You shouldn’t expect anything less!

4. Benefits beyond your own back yard: The big corporations behind mass-produced dog treats put profit first. If they can buy ingredients from half-way around the world and ship them in cheaper than they get them close by . . . they do. If their profit margins are better when they use less environmentally friendly production methods, product packaging, or shipping options . . . they do.

Only a farm-to-table philosophy cares as much about the planet that we all share as it does about the people it serves and the products it provides. Shouldn’t the businesses you support care if you have clean air to breathe and water to drink? Should they care as much about a sustainable future as they do about your dollars today? We think they should . . . we do!

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