“Steven has been absolutely wonderful. He has been writing a wide variety of narratives for us and does an amazing job at taking a lot of detail and boiling it down to a well written, easy to digest 1 to 4 page overview, depending upon our needs. He even has been able to write in voice for me. Just wonderful! He has been efficient, kind and careful. It has been a busy time for us and he has been flexible and able to pivot. I will definitely use him again as I have needs. Outstanding!”

– Beth Cessna

Cessna & Associates

“Absolutely perfect execution of work, early delivery, great experience overall. Highly recommend for niche O&G writing. Will definitely hire again for the next phase of the project!”

– Ryan Murphy

RTM Group

“I will be hiring Steven again . . . He did a fantastic job, the work was completed on time and was written better than expected.”

– Scott Molchan

Million Dollar Landscaper

“He just gets it, no matter what “it” is. He is the guy I want on my team . . . He has the ability to work his way through any set of circumstances.”

– Justin Okonski

Steps to Independence

freelance copywriter
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