He is the guy I want on my team . . .

I would say first and foremost that Steven’s command of the English language is second to none. I’ve never seen anyone else read, comprehend, and retain information quite the way he does.

He is also able to explain that information very well, once he has internalized it.

The second thought I have is a little more difficult to describe. Steven just has that intangible awareness about any given situation. He just gets it, no matter what “it” is. He is the guy I want on my team, when faced with any random bizarre situation. He has the ability to methodically and logically work his way through any set of circumstances.

– Justin Okonski, Steps to Independence

“. . . hit the rhetorical center . . .”

Steven has the capacity to bring dignity, strength, and conviction . . . and that is a much-needed quality . . . We need someone who can do that, who can speak truth to power . . . a voice that can hit the rhetorical center.

– Arnie Saiki, International Forum on Globalization

. . . tap into universal human-ness . . .

Steven is really emotionally intelligent . . . pretty mellow, but also really smart. He is a pretty perceptive dude who kind of just gets it, but who doesn’t always need to show everyone how much he gets it. I think not a lot of people are great at that, and it seems like something that would be super useful for writing because he can sort of tap into universal human-ness and convey it well.

– Maggie Buckles, Attorney at Morrison & Foerster LLP

“. . . articulate and honestly direct . . .”

You are the most articulate and honestly direct person I know . . . I feel it’s definitely your biggest asset. Honesty and the ability to convey a message is in seriously short supply these days and we need those who have the ability to articulate themselves, have something to say, and are not afraid to say it. You have this in spades.

– Matt Akana, Urban Wildlife Photographer

“. . . clearly communicate what is on your mind . . .”

I feel like you are very good at the organization of both items and your thoughts. This enables you to clearly communicate what is on your mind. You have a unique ability to use both the analytical and mechanical trains of thought.

– Carlus Call, COO at Integrity Slickline

“. . . willing to work hard . . .”

the two main things . . . are that (1) you are always true to your word. If you say you’re going to do something, you do it. (2) You are willing to work hard and put in the hours to achieve your goals.

– Mark McCall, Echo Retail

“. . . tackle a project fullon . . .”

Steven seems to usually bring a different perspective or point up when discussing a topic. Also, he seems to tackle a project full on once he’s decided on it.

– Andy Robinson, Howard Hannah Realty

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